In todays age where most of our jewellery is mass produced overseas and local handmade products are getting less and less, it is nice to know that a local Artist can provide you high with a quality handmade product, service and knowledge. 


Leanne started in the jewellery industry as an apprentice jeweller 35 years ago. During her 3rd year she decided to learn pearl threading and has been doing this ever since. The threading method she uses is an old technique that has been handed down through generations. The lady who taught her was in her 60’s and she in her 20‘s. Her teacher was taught by a lady in her 60’s when she was in her 20’s. In turn Leanne teachs this technique through the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia) in the Melbourne office for about the past 29 years.


Leanne has the opportunity to go overseas and hand pick the pearls and stones that she uses in her jewellery. This enables her to purchase the highest quality in these products and also find the unusual and unique pieces. In turn Leanne is able create individual pieces of jewellery for you.


Leanne has a passion for the pearls and stones she works with. She loves the colour, shape, textures, and stories some stones create within their structure. Pearls have been a passion ever since she started handling them. They can range from perfect flawless round to the most amazing organic shapes. The pearl industry has changed so much since Leanne started, when  Pearls were the classic white round to baroque akoya. Since Freshwaters have been cultivated and introduced to the market, there is an amazing array of colour, shape, and size and every year they seem to be something different on the market.


Leanne has had to opportunity to work for some of our leading Jewellery Shops in Melbourne over the years but has chosen to scale back these shops as she wants to concentrate on making her own designs and working with smaller artists and boutique businesses. In doing this she has had some amazing pieces to work with and in some cases restore antique pieces. One early Victorian Piece took a month of solid work to repair so owner could wear it for her wedding. Her great, great grandmother handed it down to her and was there to see her wear it on the day.


With Leanne's 35 years of threading experience, she is able to offer you a professional and affordable service. Her prices are honest and reasonable.

She wants you to be able to afford a high quality piece of jewellery that is hand made (not mass produced) in Australia by a local artist.